Monday, 31 August 2015

August is a month for babies...............

August has come and gone in a flash!  But I have finished my KHS stitching project  for the year! (we will see if it becomes a wall hanging??? or how long it takes???) I wasn't that impressed when the girls chose this for our project, but now they are finished they have grown on me! (they are a free Bronwyn Hayes pattern ).
I have also done one block of my of my Bunny Hill design-Merry,merry snowmen. It is my first needle turn project, not sure if I am liking needle turn, time will tell!
But this lot have been my main distraction for August...........................

This wee man was born backwards to start with, then once he came out we could see his front leg was not right, he seemed to drag it under himself and found it hard to walk and stand, so we put him in a sheep harness to help him stand so he could feed from mum and get some blood flowing down his leg.  We did have to splinter his leg for 10 days and now slowly it is coming right.  Lucky mum was quiet, well kind of, she did not like us putting him in the harness, but he needed this to feed!
And I am also milking these.................................
I am now feeding 6 of these with another 8 or so turning up tonight!

And this new wee man came into the world on Thursday!  He is so cute!!

This old pet is doing a wonderful job with her twins!
So in short August has been filled with babies and I love it!  Would not have it any other way!  Although with all these babies arriving the weather could be nicer!  So wet , muddy and really cold, lets hope that spring will bring some warmer weather!
Take care, Michelle.


  1. Lovely Bronwyn Hayes stitcheries. The cutest babies on the farm.......lucky the wee calf had you guys looking out for him. One of my customers gave me her Merry Merry Snowmen to quilt, very beautiful quilt. Have you tried the appliquick tools and papers for your applique? life is a breeze with those products!

  2. Wow you have been so busy - I thought you had 'retired' from all this farming stuff??!! Great idea with the harness for the calf, I hope he continues to do well. Good luck with the needleturn, your project is looking good so far :-)

  3. Love all your cute Bronwyn Hayes blocks Michelle and as a snowman love your snowman block. Lots to keep you busy by the looks

  4. this sure is a post full of babies......can you send me a pic of the sheep harness.........

  5. Wasnt too sure what to expect when I read your blog title there Michelle :-) But yes I should've remembered you would be up to your neck in babies!!! Sure wish I was your neighbour I would take some of those lambs off your hands to feed for you. Your stitchery is beautiful - my friend finished that free quilt pattern & hers looks stunning.

  6. Such beautiful blocks Michelle, they look really lovely. And so many gorgeous babies, it looks like you are really busy!