Sunday, 18 October 2015

Weeds, weeds and more weeds!!

 These past couple of weeks I have been flat out gardening, I do love a garden in summer, all those flowers! I don't garden thru the winter, I prefer to sew, but leading up to summer I like to get on top of the weeds and there are some weeds!!!  I have also put in a new garden (above), plus spent 2 days digging up an old garden that was full of weed bulbs-must admit I am over that garden,but have planted it up and next year it will look like a dream!  (the 1st photo below), will show a finished garden soon.

 So I have been sewing.....................but it is secret sewing!  I have joined Chookys SSCS again this year, I think it may be my 5th?  It is the only one to do at Christmas!!
Enjoy what is left of your weekend,
Michelle ;)


  1. Looks like much work! Glad you are still sewing too.

  2. Oh it goring to look a treat Michelle. I love all your rustic pieces to set it all off. Enjoy your secret stitching x

  3. Your garden is looking amazing Michelle, There are plenty of weeds up my way should you require any more :-) LoVe the little rustic tree in the background of the bottom photo with the star on top. Lucky I dont live down the road or it might just go walkabouts !!!!