Monday, 20 October 2014

Hang it !

Yes hang it was the challenge for this months KHS and hang it we did!
 This is my attempt at hang it, a recycled draw front with colorful nobs to hang my necklaces on.

This was Michelle's garden hang it-love it!

This was Claire's hang it, a beautiful Halloween bunting!
Nicky's hang it was a bag, still in the making process but very cute!

Nancy does not do our challenges but brings along her finished projects done in the month and this month was these gorgeous Santa sacks-I think there was actually about 8 of them, she is a machine!!
It was a great catch up - as always!  I am looking forward to next months at Michelle's and the challenge if you are interested......................... is 'polka dots'.
Have a great night, Michelle.


  1. Love the necklace hanger, fabulous idea. Lovely spring weather here, how about you?

  2. Hi Michelle, LOVE all your "hang it" makes, they are all so different but gorgeous & very clever. As are Nancy's Santa sacks ... lucky recipients receiving those gorgeous keepsakes. Ooohhh polka dots next month ... how cool.

  3. Fantastic versions of "hang it" love the garden!