Thursday, 9 October 2014

Ladies Night

On Tuesday night my friend Julie and I headed off to New Plymouth for a ladies night with 'Farmlands'- Farmlands is a national wide rural retail store which sells all things farming.  Every year they  put on a night for the farm ladies!  They have had chefs, fashion consultants, style doctors and I can't remember what else but you get the idea.  This year was right up my alley they had Astar a craft wizard.  For all kiwi's gals we know who she is, she has been on our TV's screens on the Good Morning show since 1998.  She is a trained florist by trade but is very talented at what ever she puts her hand too!  Well, Tuesday night we made a wreath......................
. This photo looks very pink but it is actually RED.  I have put lights through mine which looks really cool I did take a photo but you can't see them!  (I also might add silver to it for Christmas.)  She also showed us many other ideas with wreaths.  I best mention that I also went with Mum and four of her friends also.  Great night ladies, so much fun, - great company -great food!!

Julie dropped me off at 10.45 pm (this is late for Julie and I as our alarms go off real early to milk the cows! and we are Grandmas really-we go to bed early!!)  And my hubby was still up, he had a surprise for me, he had organised painters to come the next morning to paint and hang wall paper in our bedroom, this was a surprise as I was going to do this myself and had not got around to it yet.  I had the paint and wall paper but lacked the drive at this time of year to do it!!  This did cause some panic as they where to arrive at 8 am and the room was still full of furniture!!
Process so far,  more pictures to come!!!
Have a great day, Michelle.


  1. What a great night out, and an even better surprise to come home to. Looking forward to the after photos.

  2. Woohoo Michelle, thats exciting news about your bedroom :-)'
    I am guessing you found the wallpaper you had misplaced then??? I have been to hear Astar speak before & shes great & very entertaining.

  3. Sounds like a lovely night out and your wreath is beautiful. Exciting surprise about your room, what a nice husband!! :)

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