Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Almost missed it !

Yep on Monday for some reason Claire was on my mind while feeding my calves, so when I got home I gave her a quick ring, I thought we were meeting on Tuesday for our KHS Halloween/Thanksgiving, but no we were meeting on Monday!  So it was a mad dash to get ready and luckily for me I had done my project on Sunday!!  But when arriving at Claires and keep in mind I was late, no-one but Claire was there!  This got Claire thinking maybe I had the right day and she was a day early????  But we were put at ease as slowly one by one everyone else turned up.  Claire had done her sun porch up for Halloween and it was very cool !

Claire also put the most delish lunch on, roast chicken, cinnamon and spice roasted potatoes, kumara and a broccoli,bacon salad and then to top it off pumpkin pie and yoghurt!!! (NO TEA NEEDED!!)  and the table looked gorgeous as usual,

Claire also made each of us a yummy cinnamon sugar scrub! thanks Claire!  Below is Claire's project for the month, this very cute Halloween bunting-not sure where she found the time??
Nicky didn't have time and Michelle some how found time to make a pillow front, when finished is going to look fab on her new church pew which we will see next month.
And below is my witchy shoes and tin.
As you can see from the photo below we love going to Claire's and relaxing, I am so pleased I did ring Claire on Monday morning because I would have been so disappointed if I had of missed it!  I so look for ward to these meetings.
Hope to show some stitching soon, but I am working on some secret sewing for Chooky's SSCS.


  1. Well I am SO glad you didnt miss it Michelle - as we would've missed all your amazing photos that you shared today. Just gorgeous ... Claires place is looking especially lovely, Halloween is quite a prim look so you would've been in your element. Your witches shoes are just fantastic !!! Michelle is doing exactly what I do at Claires house .,.. looking at all her creations, And Nancy is still sitting in the same spot - knitting dishcloths no doubt!!!! Love it all x0x

  2. Great creations by all, lucky you made it!

  3. a nice day together.........glad to hear of some SSCS sewing..........

  4. Hi Michelle
    I can tell you all had a ball - what a great Thanksgiving/Halloween lunch!
    I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving like they do in Canada and the States - family get-togethers are so important.
    I know we all do Christmas really well in NZ but wouldn't it be nice to have another day especially set aside to "give thanks for our families"!

    have a lovely weekend - hope you're not too busy.

  5. It looks and sounds like a wonderful time. The projects are great too.

  6. A super fun day.... you must have a sixth sense to know to ring Claire that day! Those witchy shoes are awesome...

  7. Claire's sun porch looks amazing - she is so clever. And love your witches shoes Michelle.