Thursday, 26 September 2013

Calico for KHS

Yesterday we met at Nicky's for our monthly meeting and I was so looking forward to our catch up as I had missed last month's get together.  And I was not disappointed, we had so many laughs -some at my expense but I will explain that later!  The theme for this month was calico and I love the fact that everyone has so many different ideas.  As usual I started my project the day before-I think I work best under pressure and it was so nice being reunited with my sewing machine, I have missed creating!  And Mike also sprung a wee surprise for me, he said 'I didn't have to rush back for calves, just relax and enjoy the day!! ' (so sweet!!) and I did just that, although I think he has a new appreciation for my time when it come to feeding all those mouths!!  So enough of my dribble, you all will want to look at what we did, so here goes............
This is what I made.

Michelle printed this postcard out onto calico and is
going to make it into a pillow to go on her new church phew. 

Nancy is still knitting dish cloth's.

This is what Nicky made.

Claire made these houses which she stitched on 'HOME SWEET HOME'.

 Now the joke that was on me................just before show and tell the girls sprung a surprise by saying let's do the birthday gift swap.........panic went through me as I thought I had forgotten about someones birthday........and as they were getting their gifts I am going thru the dates of everyone's birthday's in my head and the next is Nicky's but that is in November, so i start saying 'that there is no birthdays this month' and Nancy tells me it is my birthday and I am saying no mine is in January...............but I still get these four gifts above, so as I unwrap these gifts I realise these are mine things, can't say what I called them! While all laughing, they asked me if I had missed them??  The answer to that is no! been too busy but I had noticed that the shoe was missing, I just thought it was Cody!  They had grabbed them at the meeting I hosted back in July, it was pretty funny, I should of made them return them and dust where they grabbed them from!!!!
Long winded post I know,but I thought I would leave you with a couple of photo's from Nicky's.

Have a great weekend, Michelle.


  1. A lovely post - and such fun friends too!!

  2. Hi Michelle
    What a fun day you all had!
    Your wall hanging of old linens and lace is really beautiful - I can hardly believe you did it all in a day WOW!
    I love making collages out of old linens and bits and bobs too.
    Amazing as I can imagine how busy you must be at the mo looking after calves and probably helping in the shed too.
    Anyway good for you to have a day off farm during the busy season.
    Yes I laughed too at your prezzies - they were snaffled right under your nose!

  3. Oh WoW Michelle!!! I love everyones creations ... what a talented bunch of ladies you are ... & everyones makes were all quite different. So glad you got a day to enjoy creative things without having to feed baby calves. Gosh you did amazing making your whole wallhanging just the day before.
    And those photos of Nickys place ... wonderful!!!! But Oh that doiley light shade ... be still my beating heart !!!!!!!!!! Tell Nicky if it goes missing . . . . she may well find it at my house :-)

  4. Amazing how you can all come up with something so different!
    Nancy's house looks like it has lots of goodies! I'm with the light shade!