Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rusty treasures

Just a quick catch up, not sure where the time is going but it disappears too quick everyday at the moment!  Time is pretty much taken up with calves and with an additional 65 brought in last week I am now dealing with a couple of sick ones as well.
But in saying this I did find time to go to an auction and buy these rusty treasures...........

And also brought this very cute egg measure/scales...................
Not a lot of stitching has been done of late but am finding some time at night now to do some on this project,
 it is supposed to be needle turn applique, but no patience for learning at the moment so am doing good old blanket stitch!  I have also joined Chooky's SSCS again for the 3rd year (I think,) so I have been sneaking onto my  swap partners blog for a look as I need help with deciding  what to make her in this swap.  It is so exciting!!!  I can say that my parcel when finished will be travelling overseas?????
Well that is all for now folks, enjoy your day,


  1. Even though time is passing you by in a blur of are getting stuff done!

  2. Gorgeous the stitching...

  3. Fantastic finds Michele, and your stitching is gorgeous. Think this time of the year disappears in the blink of an eye

  4. Some very gorgeous rusty treasures you have bought home there Michelle. Great finds !!! Love what you are working on too. Hope you find some crafting time this weekend, wet up here today x0x

  5. Your rusty treasures look great and your stitching is beautiful Michelle. Hope the lambs are good and give you more stitching time!!

  6. welcome to the SSCS.............have fun...............nice stitching..............

  7. Hello Michelle
    I'm visiting for the first time via Julie of A Threadbare Life blog!
    All Things Rusty has a natural appeal for me too and I love your latest treasures!
    Are those muffin trays?
    I've been searching for the old gem irons for ages but they seem hard to find now.
    Such beautiful stitching too - quilting is on my agenda - hopefully I'll get there soon.
    A lovely blog - I'm following you now!
    (one of my dearest friends originally came from a farm at Pukengahu)!