Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Well this post is long overdue and to be honest I have had a house full of sick patients including myself!  It started with Cody and has slowly attacked each of us one at a time!  It is a mean head flu with a wicked cough to top it off!  I am slowly coming right but still feel tired and everything is a effort-but enough of my whining, KHS met last Monday and our theme was buttons, now I couldn't go as Cody was sick and Mike was away looking at bulls and I so missed our meeting, but hopefully I can get some photo's this month of everyones projects.

 I made a button bunting on an old measuring tape, I have used my wooden pegs with hooks on them that my Mum brought me home from Singapore! (I love these-I need more!!)

It was a quickish project and am happy with it, but this month the theme is calico so I have started already as what I want to do will take some time.
 I also thought I would introduce Matilda and Charlotte, our double trouble.

Charlotte has the chocolate head and Matilda has the white head.  They are so very cute and entertaining.  Well must away and do something as the day is so beautiful!


  1. Hi Michelle ... so sorry to hear of your illnesses in the household. This winter has been one for lots of colds & bugs that hang around I think - it can really knock you for awhile & takes away your energy levels. Hope you are feeling better - you sure havent lost your creativity - that swag is amazing ... as are those hooks your Mum bought you back. Good shopping there - you have her well trained. And Charlotte & Mathilda are just adorable !!!!!

  2. Poor you, there have been so many nasty bugs around lately, I hope you recover quickly! Your button bunting looks beautiful, such a pretty idea. Your little lambs are very cute.

  3. Hope you are back full of energy soon - love the swag - clever, quick project - so glad I don't have poddies anymore - I loved them when I had them but after 30 years of raising poddies on and off I really do appreciate all of my plants surviving now!!

  4. Hope you're feeling better Michelle. Love your gorgeous button bunting - you are very clever (love your gorgeous cranberry and white china too on your dresser). Those little twins are adorable

  5. Silly old cold, don't they know us crafty people don't have time!
    Cool button bunting!

  6. Great work with your bunting. I can see why y need more of those pegs! Hope you're all feeling better soon. Cute girls.