Monday, 26 August 2013

Arriving in style

On Saturday night was the School Ball and it's all about the entrance!  Both my boy's attended the Ball and made quite some entrance.
Cody and his partner arrived in a Ford Shelby mustang and Ben drove his partner to the Ball in a brand new Massey Ferguson 200 horsepower tractor!  It was huge!!

I thought the boy's looked soooo handsome (I am the Mum so I am a little biased!!)  And the girls looked beautiful!

All in all it was a fabulous night and I have some great photo's (which were taken in a woolshed -these will grace my table for some time.)  I really enjoyed watching all the kids turn up in there different rides and some of the girls dresses were simply gorgeous and so many different colours!
I hope everyone has a great week full of craft-hopefully I will get to do some!


  1. The boys and girls look wonderful, the photos are fantastic with the woolshed as a background. Amazing vehicles to arrive in!!

  2. Certainly a proud Mum moment. I'm thinking it was the only tractor!

  3. Oh yes ... brings back some memories Michelle of my two sons school balls. You are allowed to feel proud (& biased). Both boys & girls look wonderful. Hope you are finding some creative time in amongst the busy-ness.

  4. Wow what great photos, my boys are pretty impressed by the modes of transport! Sorry you weren't able to make it today, we missed you! Hope Cody is feeling better:O)

  5. This post takes me back to when my boys had their year 10 & 12 functions - they didn't come up with the tractor tho - amazing as they were all farm boys!! fabulous photos of a wonderful night!!

  6. Fantastic, your boys really know how to make an entrance! Gorgeous dresses too, our school ball was so colourful, I'd never seen such bright dresses for a long time... so good to hear your crew had a great night.