Monday, 5 August 2013

KHS............sorry girls

Sorry girls I am a tad late blogging about this meeting!  I think this meeting was a couple of weeks ago, things have just been a bit busy around here!  It was a great get together though!  The house was full, as we had an extra 4 rugrats as it was school holidays but they seemed to entertain themselves, with collecting eggs, throwing rocks in the puddles (town kids!!!!hehe) and then in the afternoon I took them for a ride down the road and over the farm!  You will see by the photo's, the second time I took them there was an extra child who wasn't going to miss out!! (Claire, is that you???)

Jay had to sit on the front of the bike the second time, closer to the action I think!  She was so funny, telling me to go faster and her sister Zoe looked terrified but when I asked her if she enjoyed the ride she smiled and said "yep!", if only her face showed it!!  At the end of the second ride, Jay thought she might be a farmer cos that was so cool!!
Our theme for the month was 'chicken wire', sadly Michelle and I did not have a project as calving was our excuse and we are sticking to that!  Claire and Nicky had similar ideas, Nicky's was too big to bring and I forgot to take a photo of Claire's as she was stuffing the skirt with pattern paper.  I will take a photo though and show you all.  But I did take a photo of her second project (show off!!)  which I did try to keep,
This photo was taken off Nickys photo, gorgeous but you can not really see it in this photo.
This is so cute, as is Macy, Claires niece.  I did try to convince Claire it would look great in my lounge!!  Well our next meeting is at the end of the month and BUTTONS is the theme so hopefully I will find some time to whip something up!  (I did have big plans for this one, so hopefully time will allow???)
Enjoy your week, Michelle.


  1. Busy times! Great to see the town kids enjoying farm life.....the big kid too!
    With your busy days, it is good you can make time to get together with your stitching friends.

  2. Wow Michelle ... where to start ... looks like you had a great day - I love the big kid in the trailer - trust Claire :-)
    Both the projects she has made are gorgeous. Yes I think the Welcome Board would look perfect in your lounge Michelle!!! You have some very interesting looking prim things in your porch too by the looks!!!

  3. It looks like another wonderful day, it is always fun for us townies to visit farms!! The projects look gorgeous, I especially love the welcome board.