Tuesday, 30 July 2013

If variety is the spice of life.................

Then last weekend  I was a spice rack!!
On saturday we started the day at home doing our own chores of feeding out, getting cows and calves in, milking and feeding calves.  Then it was off to Urenui to milk goats for Mum and Dad.  (They had a 80th birthday to attend.)  Really Mike and I just took directions from the boys as both knew what to do!  I think Mike has a new appreciation for our cows!

 then we fed goats,
Then we fed the kids  (-they are very cute).................................. 
 We stayed the night and got up at 5.30am to a cooked breakfast (thanks Mike and Poppa-yummy bacon and eggs) then hit the road as we were off to Te Kuiti to crutch (dag) the ewes before lambing.

The boys got to relax for half hour during lunch!  (We had a tough boss!)  Then after we finished crutching we drenched and vaccinated them, then returned them to their paddocks. 

 We moved other cattle on the farm and with a few other jobs that popped up, we ended up leaving late!  We still had a 3 hour drive home and cows to milk and calves to feed.
I took these photo's of the calves on Monday!  It was too
dark on Sunday night.
I must admit it was about midnight before we got to bed on Sunday night and I did sleep well! (apparently I snored and kept someone awake-but it can't of been too bad I didn't wake myself up???)   But I loved every minute of it!  As a family we had a lot of laughs which makes work enjoyable and fun, to me there is nothing better!!
Enjoy your week,


  1. Spice rack indeed! I love that you didn't wake yourself up from snoring!

  2. wow, talk about non stop action.
    lots of lovely animals.
    nothing worse than waking yourself while snoring, hang on there is something worse....the other half waking you up with their snoring..

  3. It certainly sounds like a busy few days!

  4. Wow what a full weekend Michelle. I never imagined you milked goats the same way you milked cows, lol not sure how I thought it would be done. Sounds like fun though

  5. It does sound like a busy weekend, must have been fun working with goats for a change!

  6. Wow Michelle ... I felt tired just reading your post. How on earth do you find time to craft in your busy schedule. Loved the pics of the guys in the shearing shed having a siesta!!!!

  7. I don't know how you do it Michelle! Those kids look adorable...

  8. it can be difficult at times balancing everything............glad you shared the pics in the post......