Monday, 28 October 2013

Last week was our wedding anniversary, it's hard to believe I have been married for 21 years!  Time does fly!  Above is the gorgeous card my mum made us - she is very clever!  As for me I was spoilt, Mike got us tickets to fly down south to Nelsen for the weekend at the beginning of December!  I am excited for two reasons, I love Nelson and the other is we will be staying with my bestie Nadine!  It will be so great to catch up and ooh I almost forgot the shops!   But my boys gave me the biggest surprise, they brought me 3 calves, I call them panda calves because that's what they look like........................they are so mad CUTE!!!!

So some help on name suggestions ladies would be greatly appreciated???????  Still busy on the farm but will be weaning some calves this week, so slowly things will slow down!  On the craft front I am working on SSCS but almost finished so then I can start on other projects, as I have had some new patterns turn up and am so excited and want to start on those!!!  So I will finish with some docking photo's, we have now finished the docking which was pretty full on, we got a milker but still had to come home and feed calves, which doesn't sound that bad, but the trip home was 3 hours, so feeding was a little late and boy did the calves let me know that I was late!! ( lucky they are quick to forgive!)

Have a great week, Michelle.


  1. Happy anniversary. Your new babies are very cute.

  2. Happy anniversary Michelle to you & Mike :-)
    Your calves are just gorgeous ,.. I shall have a think of some name suggestions.
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend down in Nelson - what a great gift. Oh & that card your Mum made you is amazing, she is clever, like her daughter :-)
    (p.s I have the cutest little panda bear & he is called Lil Patches - )

  3. happy anniversary!
    what a great gift of three calves, they are gorgeous. My husband would be in heaven if I got him that gift.
    what breed are your three amigos?
    enjoy your time away!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! They all did good yet again, I am so impressed with your boys!
    The panda calves are sooo cute, I will get my thinking cap on for names.
    Enjoy your week

  5. cute calves what are they a mix of???
    do you rubber ring the tails??? We have a gas knife..........we did our last week..........
    good to hear your SSCS is nearly done...............

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary, your presents sound wonderful! Gorgeous new calves. You are still having such a busy time, hope is slows down soon.

  7. Happy anniversary! Cute calves, all our cats have 'human' names. Have a happy holiday.

  8. Happy anniversary to you both! What a thoughtful family you have there too.... love those cute calves, what breed are they? Our tailing is done now too, so I know how good it feels to have that done! Enjoy your new stitching projects, I still have quite a bit to do on my SSCS....

  9. Happy Anniversary!! Those calves are very cute - they match the sheep well! I'm wondering too what breed they are? Sounds like lots of fun at your monthly meet at Claire's - such gorgeous projects from everyone.