Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New treasures

 Now this is a finish for me, I started this late last year and have finally finished it!  It was one of those projects where I started with a hiss and roar and then fizzed out really quickly!!  But now it is finished and will take pride of place on the table....................when my sewing machine goes back out to the craft room! (it so nice to sew with the family around and they don't seem to mind the hum of the sewing machine!)
Now May in the farming world in Taranaki means one thing.......................clearing sales.  This is an auction of old farm machinery, tools, etc.  This usually happens when a farm is sold and they can't take all their treasures with them so they go up for auction.  It is sad to say that they are few and far between now, but when they are on we do like to go, one man's junk is another's treasure!  That's where I come in, I love going through box's and seeing what I can find.  Below is my treasure from two sales last week.

This gorgeous old tin bath tub came with  goodies
(which I must say the boy's have been thru!!)

 It is a beautiful day here in the Naki, so I off to see what I can do outside!

This is the a very small milk can, a beautiful old  rusty bucket
and an old milking bucket and seat.  The bucket is on top of the seat.


  1. Your runner is gorgeous. It looks great hanging on the fence. Good clearing sales are few and far between everywhere these days, but you got some good bargains.

  2. Love your runner, Dresdens are my favourite!
    Great finds, I'm sure you will have arranging them & making them over. No doubt you had a cold night last night.

  3. That runner is gorgeous Michelle - love the way you have hung it on the fence to take a pic :-)
    Yes I too love a good ol' clearing sale !!! The Mr usually tries to leave me at home tho. You got some good treasures there - look forward to seeing what you do with them. A very cold clear crisp day here - reminds me of the Naki days with that beautiful mountain :-)

  4. I love your new runner, it's beautiful Michelle. Great photos of it too. Nice new bargains, I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  5. Gorgeous Dresden's!!! Your runner is lovely. Nice rusty bargains too.

  6. Your table runner is just gorgeous Michelle. Will look great on your table. Love your treasures. I have a couple of the old metal baby baths/tubs that have been painted with teddies and mammies etc on them

  7. Love the tin bath, and of course your hexagon runner is gorgeous :-)

  8. wonderful treasures.
    Your runner looks fantastic. I think I recognise those french general fabrics. They are the same as the fabrics I am using in my Swan lake.

  9. Love, love, love the runner, it is gorgeous. Beautiful colours and Dresdens are stunning. Who doesn't love a good clearing sale??