Friday, 7 June 2013

Oops a daisy............

 This is my new favourite shop!!!!  It is such a gorgeous wee shop, with sooooo much eye candy!!  It's hard not to spend some coin when you visit!  And it is owned by a lovely lady called Zena, this shop is like her personality-you can't help but get drawn in by her.  She told me she only buys what she likes and lucky for me I really like all she likes!  I have been lucky as hubby and family have brought over the last 18 months my pressies from here!  I have been so spoilt!

This is Zena (I do hope I have spelt her name right??) behind her counter, I visited last week as I had a voucher to spend!  There was so much I loved and finally decided on this very cool chicken wire shelf!  It is sitting on the counter.  Can you see Zena's tool box in the background, filled with ribbon and other goodies to gift wrap! What about that beautiful old till she is using?
 So this is the shelf....................................................................................

So if you are going through Te Kuiti, it is well worth a visit, she is on Sheridan Street (side street off main street), in fact there is four gorgeous shops all together, including a quilt shop!  So pay them a visit you won't be sorry.
Enjoy your weekend, Michelle.


  1. oh Michelle this is my kind of shop,love the way you have decorated your shelf.xx

  2. lucky for my purse that that shop is not within easy reach.
    Your new shelf unit is amazing.
    Love how you have filled the shelves

  3. Oh lovely looking shop! I do pop through Te Kuiti from time to time, I will have to remember this one!
    I love the wire shelf.

  4. Love those shops that are like a treasure chest. Every visit finds something new.

  5. Another gorgeous shop!! Your new shelf looks lovely.

  6. LOVE this shelf, it is so you! Fancy having a shop this gorgeous and a quilt shop so close together, you must be spoilt for choice when you visit Te Kuiti!

  7. loving this shelf Oh my you find good treasure