Sunday, 26 May 2013

My project for KHS

This was the starting point of my 'Pinterest ' project for May.  Claire gave me this shelf from her shop, it used   too have needles hanging inside it.  So with a quick sand and a wee bit of paint, this shelf is now.......................
a rolling pin shelf.  It has turned out as perfect as it was in my head!  (sometimes I can imagine  things and when they are finished it is not how I saw it!!)  but this has and my tin sign sits perfectly on top.
So I hope everyone has had a perfect weekend and are as excited as I am with a project they have achieved this weekend.


  1. It looks great Michelle the dolls just finish it off nicely:O)

  2. Very cool, great up cycling!

  3. That is just gorgeous Michelle :-) And I am rather partial to the little collection of raggedies sitting on the bottom shelf too!!!

  4. Gorgeous shelf makeover! love the the little poster too! Wendy

  5. Oh you are so clever Michelle, it looks fantastic! Got to love it when things turn out as you see them in your head....

  6. wow love this makeover!
    it looks amazing.