Thursday, 13 December 2012

I'm dreaming of a red and white christmas

And that is it 'I'm dreaming of a red and white Christmas'!  As the tour continues, this is our bedroom.  I do so love the red and white and it is coming together every year better and better.

I think I need to make a red and white pram quilt for next year?  Not much to say for a change I think the photo's have done all my work for me.
Have a wonderful day, Michelle.


  1. How wonderful to sleep amongst all that lovely Christmas... Love it.

  2. Your room looks so beautiful, I love the red and white, it always looks wonderful!

  3. Hi Michelle - that looks SO wonderful - red is my very favourite colour!!! You have done your room up so beautifully. Hope the patient is on the mend by now - thinking of you all - Julie :-)

  4. You are so amazingly clever Michelle, you have such a knack for getting it all looking just right! Loving the house tour.....