Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What a couple of days and SSCS

Well the last couple of days has been a bit of a blurrrrrrrrrrr!!  It started Monday morning when the alarm went off a 4am for milking.  I went to milk and Mike was off to Te Kuiti to shear our lambs, all well and then I get an SOS call from Mike.  He had climbed over a fence and wasn't sure what he had done but he couldn't walk which meant he couldn't drive!  So I got the neighbour to milk (as both the boys are away working) and then started the 3 hour trip to pick Mike up.  Luckily I called into mum and dad's for a quick break and mum decided to come with me and drive a car back!! Thanks mum-I love you!!
By the time we finished the stock work and a few other jobs we got home that night at 10.30pm.  Then I was up early to milk and then take Mike to the doctor to see what he had done??  I was a little stressed as I had a quilting group from New Plymouth/Hawera coming to view the house all done up for Christmas and I had lots I wanted or needed to get done before they arrived.  No such luck by the time I got home with Mike from the doctors I had half an hour......................................
So 19 ladies turned up to visit the house - they where really lovely ladies it was fun!! My house was very full (it is quite small ) I really enjoyed there visit!
There is my lovely hubby who is on crutches now and will be out of action for 2 weeks - it will be a long 2 weeks as he doesn't do relax and sitting around very well - especially when I am milking and doing his chores! (I must be going to get a really good Xmas pressy thou!!!)
And this morning my SSCS parcel arrived from the lovely Shari I opened my decoration and it was this very cute gingerbread man
And my main pressie looks interesting, can't wait to open it! Roll on Christmas!  (I do love the paper it is wrapped in!)
Well I am off to check out Shari's blog, have a great day, Michelle.



  1. Wow!! What a couple of days alright! I hope the hubby mends well & doesn't drive you crazy in the mean time!
    I bet the ladies enjoyed your Christmasy home. Best wishes for the next couple of weeks.

  2. You poor thing, not what either of you need in the week before Christmas. Hope hubby is back on deck soon, and that you survive all the chores.

  3. Hello Michelle - gosh I am SO SORRY to hear about Mikes accident. How awful for all of you - these things always crop up when the timing is so bad!!!
    Your house looks fantastic & I can imagine how the ladies enjoyed their visit. Take care of YOU & try not to overdo it too much. Your gingerbread man is gorgeous. Thinking of you, Julie :-)

  4. The things some people do to have a holiday over Christmas! Lol. Just kidding... hope you make a quick recovery Mike and Michelle let me know if there is anything I can do to help...
    I'm sure you're house is looking gorgeous as usual and the ladies had a fabulous night!

  5. Wow, that would have been scary, and what a long day for you!!

  6. Oh no! I hope Mike is mending well now, you are in for some very busy days over Christmas Michelle. You absolutely will deserve an awesome Chrissy present now! Hope there are some relaxing days ahead soon.....
    Love the ginger ornament - perfect for you!

  7. you never quite know what's around the corner when you live on a farm.....suddenly you are required to help with XXXXX.........hope the dh heals quickly.......
    cute ornament from Shari for the SSCS........