Monday, 15 August 2011

It's a WHITE Monday

I thought this was a once in a 15 year experience, but this is the second time it has snowed in a month !  We have had a lot more snow this time, we have had 6inches.

 This is me going to feed my calves.

 And this photo is for Liam, is this a better snowman from Cody????
Well I am all snowed out so more tomorrow, keep warm and drink plenty of hot chocolate,


  1. Gosh Michelle, and to think we got all excited over a bit of snow flurry in Tauranga, nothing strong enough to settle on the ground though lol.

  2. OK that is impressive! Would you believe it snowed here in Northland too! Not enough to settle on the ground, but pretty exciting for 'the winterless north'

  3. Wow! You are a real wilderness woman Michelle! I need hot chocolate just looking at your pics. Stay warm!

  4. The snow looks great from hear. Love the snowmen the boys made I bet they are having loads of fun? Stay warm and do not forget the marshmellows for you hot chocolate.