Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday already !!!!!

Can't believe how fast this week has gone.  Calving is well under way and I have  a couple of favourites already (as you do!)  Slow progress on the craft room, but should have some photos next week. The boys High School had a sports and cultural exchange this week and we hosted two billets - really great boys  and the first time they have ever been on a farm ! We had a lot of fun with them and a few laughs at them ! Ben had a agriculture contest in New Plymouth today so on my way to have a look I called into the Hospice shop and what a score.............................
 A really cool batten frame,
 this rustic Christmas swag,
 is he not the cutest ?
 a cross stitch button,
 a milk glass lamp, some beading, a wooden candle holder (which I will paint), a Christmas mag,
and this really neat red and white bead swag.  This made my week!!   Have a great weekend, Michelle.


  1. Great finds Michelle, I must call into our local opshop!

  2. Awesome finds Michelle, looks like you were in the right place at the right time!