Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Favourite things - Tuesday.........plus

Not a lot to report, but some finishes hopefully soon, well when time allows.  I don't seem to have my flare at the moment, I need to decorate my cloche, before my next meet with the girls and I'm finding it a bit hard, so have put a couple of pictures of an idea, but not happy with it, so if you have any ideals............please!

Enjoy your Tuesday, Michelle.


  1. Your teddy and suitcase are gorgeous and I love your cloche, the candles and buttons look perfect.

  2. Sorry blogger wouldn't let me comment yesterday on your post for some reason....love teddy in his suitcase and little sewing machine....gorgeous. I'm a bit useless when it comes to designing anything that isn't flat and I can use an eraser on. I'm sure you will make a lovely job of whatever you come up with.
    michelle xx

  3. Michelle you are so talented. I just love the teddy and how you put that all together. You are so inspiring.