Monday, 7 March 2016

Just the push I needed!

Yes, yesterday I got just the push I needed to get my crafting mojo into gear!  I met up with the KHS for our first meeting this year!  It was so great catching up, although I still don't think we covered all three months since we last met!  We met at a local cafe in Hawera called the 'Black and White'and had a lovely breakfast of eggs benedict!  Then off to Wildflowers quilting shop ( for a little fabric therapy!!)  and then back to Claire's for a cuppa!  It was a fantastic day and just what I needed!!  It was also a wee birthday catch up as well - for me!!! Back in January another year ticked over - I was so spoilt!
Nicky gave me this  gorgeous box, plus the soap, wax scent and
very cool hanging rabbit'n égg! Below

Nancy gave this hand cream and beautifully scented candle.

Claire gave me this stitchery, a good couple of meters
of gorgeous fabric! Cross stitched by Claire.
And also this gorgeous kero lamp.

Above is the gorgeous bee plates and tea towel that Michelle gave me!  Love the bees!! The tea towel is too nice to use so thought I may make into two pillows instead??? maybe?????
 So when we arrived at Claire's she said she had been working hard and had a surprise for us and a surprise it was...............Claire had painted her timber entrance, kitchen and dinning room white!!! It is such a difference............................. but it is beautiful!

Claire  in her fresh kitchen!!

More of Claire's goodies!!!

So thanks KHS, it was a fab day and am now feeling all inspired!!


  1. I think a visit to Claire's home would give anyone a push! Lovely home, fresh and inviting. I like Wildflower Creation's quilt shop, I hope you have some money left! Happy Birthday for w-a-y back in January! :-)

  2. Glad your mojo has been found. Claires home is beautiful. Sounds like a perfect day with friends x

  3. Great post Michelle, think I might've found MY crafting mojo too :-) Happy Belated birthday wishes, gosh where did those last two months go to.??!! Your gifts are beautiful ... if that piece of fabric goes missing, it may well be at my house. I love Claires new Look ... just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pics Michelle.

  4. A get together with like minded friends is always good for the soul and the mojo! Belated birthday wishes - what lovely gifts came your way - your friends seem to know you really well!