Wednesday, 23 March 2016

All hearts.

I decided this year, if possible I was going to finish one project before I started another project.  This is actually really hard to do, I seem to get bored with one project so start another!  I am sure this will not last all year, but here is my beginning of the year attempt!  Above is an angel table topper that Claire gave me quite some time ago, it is now all stitched, but not fully finished!  And above that is the quilt I started............................well we don't need to know when I started, we just need to know that I have now finished all the hand stitching and have cut out most of the squares and I am excited to see this come together, watch this space!

Can't believe that myself, my Mum, my Aunty Val and her sister Janis did this workshop last week, yes I know it has taken me a week to blog!!  It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours in great company creating something for our homes.  Above is mine and below ...................
Aunty Val
Well it is a wet day here in the 'naki', so it might just have to be a sewing day!!  Enjoy your Wednesday, I have just noticed with the photo's that we all did something with an heart! 


  1. There is something nice about hearts. Good luck with finishing projects, very hard when there are so many yummy temptations! Wild weather up here today.

  2. A beautiful heart post Michelle. I have been trying to finish some projects too. I am sure they multiply when you are not looking as I seem to be finding rather a lot of them somehow!!! LoVe the heart you made for your home.