Sunday, 22 November 2015


 So this is what I was sewing on Friday night!  Thanks for hosting Wendy.  I also finished my SSCS which I can't show, but soon .....................well, 25th December!  I am glad I joined in the FNSI as really I had too, you see last month when KHS met, Nicky wanted us to bring a kit that we hadn't started.............why you ask,...........well Nicky wanted some motivation, she had 3 beautiful wool Christmas decoration kits and wanted us to help apply pressure to finish one of these for Christmas.  So I had this beautiful cushion kit, Claire brought along a block of the month kit and of course we chose what decoration Nick would do.  Easy right......................ahhh no
Finished ? Tick!
Finished? Ticked!

Finished?   NO!!!!!
So funny, it was Nicky that didn't finish her project!!  But it is her Birthday month and she did paint a coffee table and a small unit- which look beautiful!!  So will let her off...........well for now!!

So Michelle S was at our meeting and it seems so long since we have seen her and really it is, cos above is her gifts she made for Claire's birthday which was back in May and we gave her our pressies for her birthday which was July and of course Nicky's pressies for this month!  Life sure does get in the way of craft sometimes doesn't it!!!  (she had good excuses though, they moved farming jobs-I hate moving!!! It is such a big job!!)
I just realised that I am pretty slack in the photo division, I never took photos of Michelle's pressies and the one I did take, Michelle would kill me if I put it on my blog!!!  I put this down to, too much talking!  
I must say we had a great day in Opunake, fabulous shopping!!!!  Enjoy what is left of your weekend folks, here in the Naki, it has at least has stopped raining!!!


  1. great post, you gals always have a fabulous time. Lovely cushion!

  2. Lol thanks for not putting the photo of me up!
    It had been way too long, it was a good day and I think we were all happy with our shopping!
    Thanks again for my pressie!

  3. Love reading about what you girls are up too! Great fun!

  4. I love your new cushion, the pieced background looks great. Poor Nicky chose a pretty challenging's beautiful made but was so fiddly. She still has a few weeks before Christmas!