Wednesday, 22 July 2015

All good things take time !!

I do believe that all good things take time and I am so pleased to have this wee beauty finished as it was on my to do list for Christmas this year!!  I started the ten stitchery's back in 2013 when I brought the gorgeous pattern from Rag-Tag Stitchin, I so luv gingies and once I finished stitching them back in 2013 they have sat because I needed to design some kind of wall hanging for them to go on and then I felt it was missing something! ............  Then what happened to appear in January 2015 Country Threads Magazine, another gorgeous stitchery by Michelle Ridgway (the top stitchery) I LUV GINGIES, this is what I needed to finish this wall hanging, so that is what I stitched last week and have spent the last 2 days sewing all those 2 inch squares!!  I  love the fabric, so rich, so country!!, don't you??  I am undecided if I am going to hand quilt this myself or whether I get it quilted, either way I am so excited to have it finished!!

So thanks Michelle Ridgway for the gorgeous patterns, please keep on drawing!!  I am looking forward to this taking pride of place at Christmas!
Hope everyone is warm and enjoying there Wednesday!


  1. WoW Michelle !!! That is just beautiful. Love the fabrics, you are right they are so rich & country. It will look stunning in amongst all your christmas displays. You are right ... Michelle does design gorgeous patterns :-)

  2. LOVE!!!!!!! IT! Just looks fantastic Michelle. You have stitched it so beautifully xx

  3. Fabulous! You must be so happy.........afterall Christmas is getting closer!

  4. Oh Michelle I just LOVE this. Love Michelle's designs too and you have done an amazing job, not only of the stitching but putting is together so beautifully

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous Michelle, I love the colour fabrics you have chosen. Beautiful!!