Tuesday, 28 April 2015

At last some finishes !!

Yesterday I was supposed to be going to Claire's for a KHS day, but because everyone else pulled out for various reasons and the weather being atrocious, I stayed home!  I was so disappointed I really wanted to catch up with everyone!
But I decided to have a sewing day anyway and was very productive by all accounts, even if I say so myself!

 So I finally finished my pillows ( the three above) , I got some stitchery's traced out and some time was spent trying to sort out a new applique method!  Plus I did watch a DVD with my son!  All in all it was still a nice day!  Did I mention my son also shouted lunch!

But this meeting was a birthday month as well and it was Nancy's birthday and I can show you what I made Nancy because she doesn't follow my blog, I made her a candle mat out of the muddy colors she likes and a nice smelling candle.
It was all in all still a great day!  I hope your day is going well,


  1. Great retreat day at home Michelle! Lovely cushions and the tablemat is sweet, Whimiscals fabric by the look.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day Michelle. I do love your gorgeous pillows

  3. I love ALL your new creations Michelle, what a great day crafting you had. And Nancy's candle mat .... just gorgeous :-)

  4. Lovely pillows...always good to have finishes!!

  5. Love your cushions and I really love that candle mat. Well done!

  6. love your pillows , lovely stitching, new follower