Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Finally posting.....................

I have had a few issues with uploading photo's to my blog so this post is about a week late!  Last Monday I held our KHS meeting here and it was extra special for two reasons, firstly it was our first met in our new home and secondly we had a special guest, Julie from threadbear cottage.  I am afraid I only took a few photos-too busy talking, but Julie took some great shots so use the link and have a look.

 So our theme for the month was wool and I am yet to finish my project ( been a little busy but hope to take it too next months meeting at Nicky's. - two finished projects in one month!!)  But the girls did great.  Above is Nick's wool bag, very cool and like me yet to be finished!  No pressure Nick but next month like me maybe -hehehe!
Super Michelle made not one but 3 things!  A hot water bottle cover, dish cloth and a wool brooch!  Such a smarty pants!  ( I could of easily stole that dish cloth!)
And Claire made this heat sack with lavender, it smelled fantastic!  Could of stole that too, when I finish my bedroom it would go nicely in there!!

And as for me I was very spoilt, the girls brought me house warming gifts!  Above is what Julie brought me, a gourd garland, some of her famous  potpourri (my house smells so lovely!) and the top photo shows a very cool bundle of gardening tools tried with a strip of fabric ( I thought I may make a snowman to go with those tools!)
Michelle got me this gorgeous hessian and lace table runner and prim black frame!  I love them both!

Claire apparently got me this welcome sign from a Op shop-that was a score and goes perfectly outside on my mini seed drill!
Nancy got me an apple tree to put in my orchard and when I get apples from this tree we will refer to them as Nancy apples!
Thanks girls, I feel very spoilt!  I'm so lucky to have great friends!!  It was great having Julie visit,  we would love to have you back any time Julie!  You are only 3 hours away!
Enjoy what is left of the week, Michelle.


  1. So nice to have one of your posts! Glad you got there loading your photo's. Julie said she had a fabulous time lunching with you creative chicks! You home looks amazing from Julie's photo's. Lovely gifts both made and received.

  2. Hi Michelle, It sure was a great day for me too. I could easily have stolen Michelles dishcloth too AND the hessian table runner!!! In fact I could easily have stolen LOTS of things from your house ... lucky you didnt check my car when I left!!! Thanks again for a lovely meal & company. Dont forget its your turn to come up to me now (wink) x0x

  3. What a lovely day with the girls Michelle and you were spoilt with some gorgeous housewarming gifts

  4. Lots of lovely things made as usual, the gifts for your home are gorgeous too.

  5. Lovely to see your doings and sit at your table with your friends. Lucky you to spend time with Julie. Lovely projects and gifts.