Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ooooooh babies...........................

 Like all babies 'aren't they gorgeous while they are sleeping?'  You would not believe the noise when these seven need a fed!  I thought I would show you some of my babies taken up some of my craft time!


Munter, Lemon, Doug.

AB(anna-beth on the bottle) Bert and Ernie.

Our last of our old pet sheep.  This old girl is 9 and stills gives us twins every year!

 It was been a sad year for pets, especially with our sheep, Alley and Fiona at the rite old age of `14 and 13 died and then Rex who has featured many times on my blog also died he was 10.  So we are starting again with Mumble, Lemon and AB-well so far this season anyway!
Enjoy your day, Michelle.


  1. Too much cuteness Michelle :-) They sure do keep one out of mischief don't they?! Sorry to hear about your old pets, it's never easy. Hopefully the 'replacements' live up to expectations.

  2. It's hard saying goodbye to our old beloved pets. Mumble is rather sweet and Doug is very handsome! They will grow soooo very fast.

  3. lucky they are cute........makes up for the constant bleeting when they are awake.............

  4. They are very cute.......I'm sure they make the hard work worthwhile.

  5. Michelle - they are so darn cute. Bet you don't mind too much if they cut into your crafting time lol

  6. Sorry to read about your sheep Michelle, its always hard to see them pass away. But I do adore all your new fur babies ... love little mumble ... & that jersey calf, No 47 just has the sweetest little face :-)

  7. All your new babies are so gorgeous, I'm sure they keep you busy!

  8. So very cute! Sorry to hear about the older ones, it's never easy when it happens to a dear pet!