Wednesday, 23 July 2014

KHS July

 This month's theme for KHS was photo and Claire and I managed to find some time to complete it, (this is the first challenge in months I have been able to finish and to be honest it was really quick!)  We met at Nancy's house and had a fabulous lunch and I did get some stitching done also, so was really happy!  But just catching up with the girls is all I really needed!  So above and below is my project.

This is Claire's project, she made a  lamp shade with photos on it for her new lounge!!  She also attended a work shop and made this very cute doily manikin. (Is that the correct spelling??)  And she also brought along a quilt top she has finished also!

This month was also a birthday month for Michelle, forgot to take photo's of her pressies, but did take a photo of the pressie I made her.  I did not give her my gorgeous rusty cream can-mean I know!!
Well that is enough from me I think!  Hope you are having a great week and keeping warm!


  1. Wonderful to see another post of a lovely get together. I love to see what you girls make.

  2. What fun you girls have and you always come up with something inspiring Michelle

  3. You always come up with inventive things to make! Your flowers and jars make a beautiful display.

  4. You creative girls do it again - surprise and delight me with your makes! Well done. I hope it has fined up for a little gardening.

  5. Well even though you said your photo jars were quick Michelle, they look fantastic. I have one of those old scale things yours are sitting on - mine is red. So glad you girls are back to doing the projects again so all of us out here in blogland can be inspired. Claires torso looks amazing ... where on earth does she come across workshops that teach those kind of craft work??!! Love it all ... keep posting, we have missed you out here :-)

  6. Preserving jars with photos are awesome - lovely and vintage.
    Claires been super busy, the lampshade is great, the doily dressed mannequin and a quilt top - WOW!
    You'll be beginning to feel normal again, now you've got the time to create!
    Enjoy your week