Thursday, 3 July 2014

A new start.

This is the view I get to look at while I am hanging out my washing!  Not that, that has been happening lately!  We have had so much rain, I need a bit of sunshine!  I actually thought this morning after the frost we would get a nice day, but no it is raining now!
Well we are moved and we have been here a month now, moving was a little dramatic as our oldest son Ben took a week off  work to help us move and while tiring a load on a truck, slipped on a ladder and cut his hand, at first glance I knew it would be stitches but when I went to wash it I knew then it was more serious.  So it was a very quick trip to A&E, we arrived just after 5.20 pm and he finally got put into a room at 1.30 am!!  And went into surgery at 9 am, he cut the nerve in his hand and did some tendon damage, so his week off has become 6 weeks!  For a kid who doesn't like sitting around it is going to be a long 6 weeks!  He has had a cast on for 4 weeks and is now in a brace and doing physio.  But with the help of some fantastic friends ( thanks Julie and Rolly!) and family we got here!

So this is the house and as you can see it has some gardens but I have major plans so as that develops I will share!  In between showers I have been pulling out the gardens as there is a lot of plants I don't like and others that just need a revamp!  I did bring 3 or 4 trailer loads of plants with me, so I need a home for them!
As for the unpacking I am almost done!-well actually that is a lie, I am so over unpacking, and I am here for ever so have decided to take my time!  And too be perfectly honest I want to do some craft, so I just a couple of days left to unpack some essentials, then I am going to find the sewing machine-unless it finds up and then I will look at the garden!
It is good to be back in blog land and hope to catch up again soon,


  1. what a beautiful house and superb view, congratulations on your move.
    hope your son has a speedy recovery and that sewing machine turns up asap.

  2. What a beautiful view you have and your new home is gorgeous. I wish you and your family lots of happy memory making in your new home. Best wishes to your son too xx

  3. Your new home looks great, with lots of potential to make it your own too. Hope your son heals quickly. And what a view!

  4. I can't wait to come and visit! Hope Ben's hand heals really fast, gosh he must be bored especially with all this inside weather we've been having... Take care and we'll catch up real soon...:O)

  5. Your home and view are beautiful, how lovely for you to have your very own house! I'm sure you will enjoy decorating and making it your own!

  6. What a fabulous view! An Inglewood one maybe?
    Your new home looks AMAZING! I bet there are so many things you want to do. I look forward to a post on your lovely goodies on display in your new home. Sorry to hear about your son, not much fun for him.

  7. My kind of house Michelle - I've always wanted verandahs (and a fireplace and a window seats) - then I would be sublimely happy!!!
    Moving's not a fun job - poor Ben, that sounded really nasty, hope he's on the mend at last.