Thursday, 22 November 2012

Threadbear Cottage

This gorgeous stocking came from 'Threadbear Cottage' in Te Awamutu near Hamilton.  Claire brought one of these (different from mine) when she went to Auckland a few weeks ago and showed us at our last KHS meeting.............fell in love with hers and wanted one of my own, so off to the internet I went.  I found Julie she has a blog which is just wonderful,( do pay a visit it is really worth the read. )Made contact and this arrived in the mail this morning!  Along with this..........
not the horse but this most gorgeous smelling pot pourri - made by Julie herself !  (This is going on my list of to buy with every order.) Do check her out and I can't wait to visit her shop next time I am going to Hamilton.
Have a great Thursday, Michelle.


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment Michelle. I Love your stocking but the horse is so stinkin cute.

  2. Hi Michelle - thanks so much for the "mention" - that is so kind of you :-) Had replied to your email before I checked my favourite blogs. So happy you are happy. We all need to help each other out here in blogland. Hugs, Julie :-)

  3. How did you find this lovely wanna go see too!

  4. What a beautiful stocking. I love it. It is just gorgeous. I'm off for a visit.

  5. The stocking is gorgeous, where is Threadbare Cottage, it can't be too far from where I live? Hugs Wendy