Friday, 30 November 2012

Just under 700km...........................

Yesterday Mike and I travelled just under 700km to be transport for 24 weaned baby goats!

They are funny wee things, one escapee loved the tails on my cardi and the button on my pants pocket !!!
But before we picked these up we headed to the farm in Te Kuiti for some quick stock work and then after a coffee, our first stop was at 3Teak in Te Kuiti-some really lovely goodies there but can't show as what I brought is a gift for our KHS xmas decoration swap-but I can say I would love it myself! Then lunch on the run and off to Matangi to pick up our companions.  Then as we headed home there was one STOP which was the whole reason I went on the trip, Mike took me to 'Thread bear Cottage' in Te Awamutu. (address as some have emailed and asked- 91 Arapuni Road).  I got to meet the lovely Julie.  What a gorgeous wee shop, beautiful gardens and gorgeous house! I so want your place Julie!!!!  Of course I had to buy a few things....................
I have to say the potpourri is to die for, the farm ute we were travelling in smelled gorgeous! (not sure what Mike and the boy's are going to think! I loved it!) I have made a list for future buys.  Thanks Julie, for a wonderful visit, although it was a quick visit I loved it and I have to tell everyone I met her beautiful Mr Wolf she writes about (her dog) he is gorgeous but he is HUGE !  The photos do not do him justice (he is about 80kg I think she said!)
Well I am off as I am 3days past unpacking my Christmas stuff to decorate the house, I had planned to have it all done by today, but due to my day away yesterday and a few days of mayhem i am late!!!
Enjoy your day, Michelle.



  1. The goats are so cute and inquisitive. Sounds like it was an interesting trip.

  2. I think I may have to go ona road trip and check her out for myself, can't have you girls having all the fun!!!

  3. Hi Michelle, so glad you made it home okay - gosh the pics of the goats look just gorgeous. What little characters they are!! It was sooo lovely to meet you in person - thanks so much for dropping in. Thanks also for buying from my little cottage. I look forward to the pics of your christmas decorating as just love what you do. Mr Wolf is back in his usual position again(inside) - having one of his twitchy dreams. We have the internet again so I can catch up on all my fav blogs. Have a great weekend & many thanks again. You & your husband were just sooo friendly & I couldve chatted all day! ! Julie :-)

  4. Oh boy that is a long way to go for goats. They are so sweet, but I imagine they would be quite noisy?? Some days I wish I lived in the NI though, so many great shops to visit.....


  6. Your goats look very cute and your new goodies are gorgeous.