Thursday, 30 August 2012

This old window is now..................

a new display shelf !  I brought this old window from a wrecking yard, I thought it was beautiful and I can't write what hubby thought of it !!  So off to a hardware store to buy a shelf and some brackets and some big screws so I could screw it to the wall.  So now it displays a shearing statue, photos, shearing hand pieces and tools, bale hook, branding stencil, hand shears and rusty old cutters !
I love it !!
Enjoy what ever the day brings you, Michelle.


  1. Wow:) Love it, Michelle - it's gorgeous - and I bet I can guess roughly what your man thought of it - but what do they know anyway :) Fabulous!!

  2. That is cool! Very creative.

  3. What a wonderful way to 'share' all that 'shearing' memorabilia, it looks fantastic.

  4. Love love love - i have a window or two in my house like this, although I have never actually put a shelf in one, I have used the window ledges as shelves....and as a huge picture frame!!

  5. The old window frame you bought looks good on your wall, Michelle. I can tell that you have a good taste for window frames. :) May I ask, what toy is that on the window frame? If my eyes serve me right, he seems to be sawing a log. That's cool stuff right there!

    Willene Fagen