Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My office view - doesn't look too bad!

While waiting in line at the supermarket I was lucky enough to be standing behind a women who I think had nothing positive to say about anything! While listening to her whine about how long it took to get to work and the traffic it starting me thinking about how lucky I was, to be enjoying what I/we do.  Yes the weather can be unpredictable rain, hail, snow and then the extreme of a drought but look at the view I have getting to my office...

 A view from the top of the hill where the cow where grazing.

 Arriving at the office.
A view of the inside of my office-(actually in a meeting with the first 48 ladies!)  I believe there has to be positives in what ever you do or it's not worth doing!  Take time out today and appreciate what you have .  Have a great day, Michelle.


  1. You've got the attitude that the world needs more of! Spread it like wild fire, spread it like stippling!
    We all have so much to be grateful for, the fresh air, food, shelter, fabric! And cats that come home :-)

  2. Spectacular is a word that comes to mind. Your supermarket friend would probably find fault with that too. I love your first 48 ladies. it is choice to be a half glass full kind of person.

  3. Now that's the attitude Michelle! Your office is fantastic, couldn't think of a better place to be ........... today I am very grateful for some much needed rain which arrived this afternoon!

  4. Your office is beautiful as is your attitude!! I agree we have so much to be grateful for.

  5. You're right about a lot of things. For starters, not a lot of people know how to balance stress by looking for things that can give comfort, like the view you enjoy on your way to the office (which is wonderful!). People often lose sight of the simple joys in life, and maybe we have to accept that in them, but we also have to show them how not to take things for granted.

    - Blake Mitchell

  6. catching up on posts........I LOVE your is a shame but some people will never be happy.........