Friday, 30 September 2011

This week.......

The week has flown by................................... I have fed calves,
been to a friends for coffee (and brought biscats !), went to New Plymouth and picked up our new deep freeze,
docked lambs,

here is a picture when they still have their tails !!!  and then garden, garden garden !!!

But I did clean up this little garden by the back door.  Remember those white pickets I was given at the Op shop.  Well this is what I had planned for them.  There are some petunia's planted in the spaces.  I think it will look very cute when they are in flower.  (more pics later) but not alot of crafting this week, but things are slowing down so hopefully soon.
Have a great Friday, Michelle


  1. You have been a busy girl... love what you've done with the pickets!

  2. Boy you have been a busy girl. The cows are so cute. Love the pictures.

  3. busy busy as life in on the the many are you feeding........

  4. You do sound busy at the moment, love the snapshot of your garden, it's looking beautiful.