Wednesday, 1 March 2017

At Michelle's

Two Saturdays ago we had our KHS meeting at Michelle's, as you can see from the photo's it was a lovely relaxing day.  There was a wee bit of stitching, a lot of chatting, it was great to just sit and stitch for a while, which I hadn't done in some time!! The first 9 photo's are all Michelle's projects-she has been one busy lady!! (I am green with jealously!!) The other three are just everyone chilling.  Thanks for a great day Michelle, i did come home all inspired.................but lost it when I started milking!!!! Hopefully next week, that inspiration will come back???
Have a great week everyone,


  1. Wow!!! Michelle sure HAS been churning out some projects!! How amazing & yes ...inspiring too. Hope your inspiration comes back Michelle .. milking can do that to you!!!!

  2. Some huge progress going on down there! Looking fabulous.

  3. Some very lovely projects to admire. Nothing nicer than a stitching day with friends x