Saturday, 26 November 2016

KHS and a house challenge

Wow can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged!  Life can certainly get busy at times!  I have been doing a fair bit of crafting but it is been all things for a Christmas market stall I have coming up on the 4th of December.  My challenges for KHS have been put to the side also, but not this one! When we last met at Nicky's she gave us all a house.(pictured above), the challenge...........decorate?
Michelle's had lights and gorgeous fresh flowers.

Nicky's was done as a present for a friend,
a beautiful Christmas theme.
Mine was a simple number with doilies.

And as for Claire with her tongue out!!! She made a gorgeous little quilt for the inside of hers and a Christmas theme also! Her photo also shows her other two finished challenges, her pinecones and doiley hanging.
Our meeting was held at Michelle's and we have a fantastic meal and very quick catch up for me as I left a couple of hours after arriving as I had a 21st to go too!! I so wanted to stay!! It was a great night!!
Michelles pinecone challenge-very cute in pink!!

And this is Nickys, we could do a pinecone or
a flower tree-soooooooo cute!!!

In Michelles craft room-love it!!

just a couple of quick quilts Michelle
whipped up!!

And above is a new Christmas decoration Michelle brought, so cute in a lovely blue!  If you have read to the bottom thanks for hanging around.  It is abit photo heavy I know!  Hope you have a great weekend,


  1. Lovely to see all your versions of the house challenge Michelle - they are all great. Wondered if you were still getting your meetings in. Michelle has made some gorgeous quilts there. Best of luck with your market stall in December.

  2. Another lovely get together, some awesome houses. Michelle has made some lovely quilts. Happy crafting!

  3. You girls are always so creative