Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Good bye sage-hello stockyard!

 This sage coloured paint and wallpaper was probably a hit in the early '90's, but when we brought the house it was on my hit list to get rid of, it has weathered not too bad, but it always appears dirty.  With a whole 10 litre bucket of paint left from my bedroom make over I decided the entrance, stairway and laundry would get a lick of paint to brighten everything up!  What I did forget was how much I hate painting, hence it taking so long to finish, but the good news is I only have the laundry to do!!  The new paint colour was called 'Stockyard', very appropriate I thought!

You can still see paint sheet as hand rail still
needs to go up the stairs!!

The above unit got a quick lick of chalk paint and a sanding.  I am so pleased to have this part is finished, just a few small touches to do on the stairway, then some more photo's.
Enjoy your Tuesday, Michelle


  1. Wow looks wonderful Michelle. So fresh. Do love all your gorgeous treasures too

  2. Looks gorgeous Michelle ... I dont remember the sage looking nasty when I visited with you but I do love the stockyard colour. Mind you I was probably too busy drooling over all your lovely displays :-)