Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Especially for Julie and Leeanne,

This quick post is for Julie and Leeanne who have asked to see some of my decorating for Christmas, hopefully this isn't too photo heavy!

Have a great day, Michelle.


  1. Thank YOU Michelle ...I shall stop pestering you now. It is all just soooo beautiful. Only thing I am not sure of is how to get the crink out of my neck from peering so closely to the screen or how to get the dribble off the screen !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aren't Julie and I lucky! I'm sure everyone else that reads your blog will enjoy your Christmasy home like me! I clicked on each and every single photo to get a better look.........sooo lovely! You have some lovely snowmen :-) Your home look scrummy too. Thank you.

  3. Just beautiful Michelle xx

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful decorations...I loved seeing them Merry Christmas x