Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Christmas Panel

 Finished this Christmas panel today and am pleased with how it looks!  It's new home will be in my bedroom this year.  Can't believe how quickly Christmas is creeping up on us!!
Things where pretty slow here last week as I hurt the nerves in my hand again making this new small garden................................................
can't wait to see the clematis flower it is a deep purple and the rose is a gorgeous pink-it's an old English rose, can't wait!!!!

Don't you just love Granny Bonnets-
they are a favourite of mine-can you tell??
And last week the last of the babies was born, this wee chap is too cute!!!
Enjoy what is left of your week,


  1. Oh that's a shame you hurt your hand, glad it wasn't too sore to stop you from patchwork! Lovely Christmas panel. Will you decorate for Christmas and give a wee tour like you use to at your other home? That was always enjoyable. New gardens are like purchasing new fabrics, exciting the anticipation of creating something new! Aweee....cute wooley babyxxx

  2. Hi Michelle, I have a gorgeous yellow grannys bonnet flowering in my garden that came from you. Yours are looking lovely too ... so sorry to read you hurt your hand. You sure have been gardening up a storm lately - its looking fab. Your new panel is beautiful Michelle.

  3. So pretty. I have never seen Granny bonnets. Love your new Santa hanging and new addition x