Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Favorite room

Well I finished the decorating of the house some time ago and have been busy in the garden but if you looked at the garden, you would truly wonder what I have been doing? (because of the weed loving weather!! looks like I have been doing nothing!)  And I have been busy making my pressie for tomorrow nights KHS dinner here at my place-(must think about what I am cooking for their dinner!!!!!)  Back to the Christmas decorating, for me my favorite room is our bedroom then followed closely by the spare room!  But here is my room...........................

I know this is photo heavy SORRY!!!!!  I have actually found it really hard decorating this year, mainly because the house is so big and I am used to a small house where all my decorations looked packed to the brim, and this year because the house is triple the size, I have had to plan more and spread everything out!!! (ooooh the head aches!!!)  But there is a solution I will just have to make, make, make more!!
Enjoy your Wednesday, I am off to clean as I have people coming to have a look at the house all decorated!


  1. I love your decorating Michelle! How cute is the tree hugging snowman....adore him!!!!! Enjoy your visitors x

  2. Gosh you look like you have been having an enormous amount of fun! Love the snowman hugging the that one of the stuffed stocking Julie makes? Clever girl, I look forward to another Christmas tour!

  3. Hi Michelle, its all SOOO gorgeous ... how on earth do you manage to sleep amongst all that wonderful christmassy decor. Love it all ... but OH that iceskate on the vintage dress just took my breath away :-)

  4. Your room is gorgeous with it's Christmas decorations on, I can see why it's your favourite room!