Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Have you noticed????

Have you noticed that I have been missing in action?  Well I have a couple of good excuses and this all started about 6 weeks ago!  I have been chauffeur for my Mum and Dad as my dad needed some tests done for his heart. So this meant a few trips to Hamilton about 4 hours away.  And after the second lot of tests it showed that my dad needed open heart surgery - really scary as my dad is only 63!  The valve needed replacing, I must admit it did surprise me and as in any surgery there is always risk so the thought of losing him so young did put me on my butt-for a wee while!  But I am pleased to say surgery went well and after only 7 days in hospital he is home, a little slower than normal but making a fast recovery-this is one emotional roller coaster I don't want to ride again for some time! Also in the last 6 weeks the farm owner who owns the land we lease decided to put it on the market, which has left us without a job and home from the 1 June 2014. We have been cleaning up as we had a few open days when anyone who is interested in the farm, can come visit the farm and look through the house.  So it was a mad dash to finish Christmas decorating before I took dad for his op as well as making sure that the boys in my life kept the house tidy as I was away for 2 of the open homes!! 

 We also decided because farm jobs and lease farms are like hens teeth at the moment to put the cows on the market-which sold within a week-everything is happening so fast! it has us in a tail spin.  So now we are looking for new jobs!  To be perfectly honest, I just can't wait for the new year to rock on!  Which is a double sword for me as this is my favourite time of the year!! But hopefully by the end of the week we will be back to some kind of normal as it will be the last open day! 
 This is a really long posting, so if you are still with me, thanks.
Hope everyone has a great week, Michelle.


  1. glad your Dad is going well.................bugger about the farm............are you going to try and stay on a farm???

  2. I can understand why you want to finish with this year Michelle...
    It's hard when parents aren't well but good news your Dad is on the mend - I hope you have a lovely family Christmas celebration - so special to all be together.

    The farm being sold is unsettling - a fresh start for 2014 - fungers crossed the right thing comes along.

    Take care

  3. What a very stressfull time. Hoping you will find suitable employment and home soon. All the best

  4. Life has a way of testing us doesn't it?
    Love the blue Christmas header, I hope you will share more of your Christmas decorating with us, if life isn't too crazy! good luck job hunting.

  5. Well yes I had been wondering if all was okay in your world Michelle - SO sorry to hear about your Dad but glad he is back on the mend again now. What a worrying time for you.
    We have been in your shoes before with the job situation, selling cows, farm on the market - it can be so unsettling. I am sure it will all turn out okay for you all in the end - thats the thing about farming, you lose your home along with the job. Its hard to get your head around sometimes. Yes it seems sharemilking jobs are like hens teeth up this way also.
    It sure hasnt affected your decorating though - that looks amazing. Do share more pics with us if you can. And make sure you leave the packing away of your crafting supplies to the very last !!!! Thinking of you down that way & sending warm wishes your way for a positive outcome. Julie x0x

  6. Good news that your dad is doing well. New beginnings for 2014.....good luck. X

  7. You have had a lot of turmoil to cope with, I hope your dad is recovering well. I know how stressful it can be spending time at the hospital and I live only 10 minutes away from it. I hope next year brings you everything you need and want!

  8. glad to hear everything has gone well with your dad. Sounds like 2014 is going to herald new things for you.
    Love your christmas decorating, you have so much festive spirit!
    Very inspiring...