Thursday, 25 April 2013

Drill a hole in it

I know it sounds weird but thanks to Claire that was our theme for this months KHS.

 These are my two projects, the top photo is my first project, it is actually an old bread board painted and then I have drilled holes in the bottom and attached an old kitchen utensil (which for the life of me now I can't think of the name of it-you use it to put butter into flour?????) I will hang a tea towel from it.  Then I put an old rusty sieve with a bird nest on it for decoration.  My second project was for my Christmas challenge that I have set myself. I think I will make a green and red candle mat for it to sit on.

 Our day was at Claire's house as Nicky was supposed to host it but she is in the middle of packing!!! yuk!!! So as usual we have a beautiful morning tea and lunch of Amish cake and then home made pizza -so yummmmmmmy!!!  So this is Claire's project is below,
a pallet coffee table-it makes the room look so big!! She painted it white with a union jack in pale pink! You can also see a canvas heart she made for her mum as it was Nancy's birthday month-she is so easy to spoil !

This jewel heart has so many personal items on it and the fairy lights make it gorgeous!
This is Nickys project for last month with all the packing she is yet to find time for this months!   Now Michelle made this light box which will be very handy and she all made the heart air freshener which she gave to Nancy, it was very cute and smelled divine!!

Now my last photo is of the kids that were there, they are all so cute, all under quilts on the couch!
It was another fabulous day, I look forward to next month-which has a Pinterest theme???
Have a great day, Michelle.


  1. Wow Michelle ... where to begin!! You girls are all SO talented!!! I am in awe of what you all come up with - I adore your wallhanger/teatowel holder. The heart Claire made her Mum is just gorgeous too. In fact all your photos are amazing!!! How I wish I lived closer & could "force" you girls to let me join your days. Happy creating, Julie :-)

  2. You girls always seem to come up with interesting ideas. This month is no exception.

  3. You are all so clever and inventive!! Everything looks beautiful as usual, it's always fun to see what you create each month.