Sunday, 10 March 2013


Wow it is Sunday morning and I have milked the cows, fed the piggies, had breakfast, hung 2 loads of washing out and now blogging and if is only 7.50 am!  I hope I can get as much sewing in as I have other jobs this morning! ( Now if the truth be known its only because Mike and the boys are away in Te Kuiti shearing and fencing, other wise I would still be in Bed!!!)
Last week our stitching group met here for our monthly meet, it is always great catching up with the girls.  Last month our group missed a meeting and our theme was red, so here is a little show and tell......
I made these little red felt shoes.

Michelle made these cute strawberries and gave us each one!
Thanks Michelle.

Nicky painted this food cover red (it is a  very cool red paint)
and then decorated it with a key and fabric heart.

Claire pieced together this gorgeous stitchery quilt!

I would like to add that Claire's  mum Nancy did these gorgeous
stitchery - Claire you are spoilt!!!!

Now red was for February and this months was laundry/wash house, now Michelle and Claire where the only ones to finish theirs -so far!!  Claire re- painted her laundry and decorated it, it looks gorgeous she brought us photos on her I pad, I will have to go around and take some photos to show you!  And Michelle made this cute peg apron-the fabric is very cute!  I had planned to also re do my laundry but never quite made the deadline.  I promise by the end of the month it will be done.

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Well I am off to craft something!!  Hope you have a productive Sunday or a relaxing one!


  1. It always sounds like you girls have a great time, good food, good company & you make lovely treasures.

  2. After all those chores this morning you definitely deserve a day of sewing. Lovely show and tell that the girls are working on.

  3. Love all your gorgeous red themed projects. You girls always do such fun things.

  4. Thanks again Michelle, it was a fab day...:O)

  5. You girls are all so talented, I love all the projects. You have had a busy Sunday morning, hope you fitted in your sewing too, Wendy

  6. Gosh what a busy Sunday morning Michelle ... hope the rest of the day panned out well for you :-)
    I adore all the red things you girls have made - they are all quite different but all quite adorable. I would happily pinch any one of them. Hope you have a crafty week ahead - Julie :-)