Monday, 18 February 2013

Sundays effort..................

This was Sundays effort and to be honest it was an effort as my eyes where really sore.  I had an allergic reaction to some make up I wore on Saturday for some family photos we had taken!!! Glad the eyes weren't swollen for the photos!
These little treasures I found at a junk yard on Friday and will be used with the above!! (sound interesting??)As for this morning we weighted our boys (bulls that is,) as they are off to the sale on Wednesday.  This took a little longer than we liked  -  as they are just as afraid of the scales as I am!

This wee chap rolled in at 842 kg's !  He was the heaviest ( but I did tell him that it was only by 10 kg's).  Well I hope you week has started well, Michelle.


  1. What beautiful bulls.
    Your wool felt project is looking good, but how are you going use those lovely old handles?? Maybe this is a mystery?

  2. Hi Michelle, I am fascinated by the combination of the handles & the wool felt - ????? Cant wait to see the big reveal. Hope those eyes of yours settle down, yes makeup has done that to me before too. Your bulls are handsome fellows. Happy crafting this week, Julie :-)

  3. Your bulls and the scales made me smile! I am interested to see the end result with the handles and wool felt too, it's looking great so far. Hope your eyes have recovered, Wendy

  4. You'll be sad to see your boys go... they are beautiful(well as beautiful as bulls can be, Lol)
    I am intrigued to see what you re going to do with the block and the handles!!!

  5. Beautiful stitching and very handsome boys. Hope your eyes are better soon.