Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Recycled or Up-cycled???

Does it not mean the same thing?  Thought I would show two of my recycled or up-cycled things that  I always get comments on.
 First is  my peg container at the clothesline (instead of looking at my peg container and saying ' my mum has one of those'..................I wish they would get the washing in and fold it!!

This is great for holding pegs and not water, unlike the plastic peg containers these don't break, rust or blow away.  It is I think a vegetable steamer and cost me 50 cents at the Op shop - a great investment.
Second is another steamer I think, it holds my beautiful smelling pot pourri from Thread bear Cottage.
I love seeing what people use and do with recycling or up-cycling.  If you have any ideas I would love to hear.
Enjoy your Tuesday, Michelle.


  1. Hi Michelle - both great ideas - especially LOVE those scales with the p.p :-)
    Colanders also look great planted outside with a few succulents in.
    I also never know to say recycled or upcycled or now I hear "repurposed" alot - its all the same to me !!!! Julie

  2. They look great ideas, pretty and useful! I love the idea of upcycling but am not so good at it!