Saturday, 8 December 2012

Gingers - my favourite display.....

It is hard to pick a favourite but this year I think it is this display, I love gingerbread men and women!  But only the cute ones, there are so many ugly ones!  And this is in my kitchen (just a little side tracked - I was starting my tour with the bedrooms!!)
There are lights throughout out this pine and you can just see them-but at
night they look gorgeous!
Also another small finish, since bunting is big this year and I saw this very cute fabric at the local quilt shop,so I thought why not make one.
A close up of my favourite .......................

Have a great weekend, Michelle.


  1. Thanks for another lovely tour!I love your winter backdrop, are you a winter lover?

  2. I'm with you Michelle..... Love a cute gingie. Your display is gorgeous and very "sweet".

  3. Hi Michelle - I too love gingerbread men & women - your display is just gorgeous. I am in love with your christmas bunting also - you have done an amazing job. Look forward to more of "the tour" - keep up the inspiring work. Julie :-)

  4. Your gingerbread men are gorgeous, I love all your displays. Your winter background is very beautiful too.