Saturday, 2 June 2012

Antique scales, mirror & a rusty tin.

These are my new scales I picked up a couple of weekends ago - I think they are just gorgeous but Ben tells me that they are really heavy!!! He was the lucky one who got to carry them inside for me !  I also got quite a few bargain's that weekend (thanks Nick) but I will show you more in another post.  I have been trying hard to finish a project or two  and a couple I have had planned in my head.
So before and after photos:


And my last project for today is one that I have had planned for ages !!!  I brought this old mirror and wanted to antique it and put some old photos behind it and I am really happy with how it has come out, the photo does not do it justice.

This weekend is Queens Birthday for all us kiwi's so it is a long weekend !! So I hope everyone has a safe and productive weekend, Michelle.


  1. Love all your repurposing, especially the lampshade. Lucky Queen - it's our long weekend next week!

  2. I love all your re-purposing too and I love all the interesting little displays in your home, very beautiful.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Looks like you've been a busy girl with all your projects!!Go the crafters!!lol. I love your scales and I'm sure Ben recovered from carrying the heavy scales. Have to admit, those olden things always weighed a tonne! Enjoy your weekend. Cheers, Anita.