Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Repurposing with Kindred Heart Stitches

Kindred Heart Stitches had it's first meeting of 2012 on Friday !  I was so excited, because until Friday I had felt sluggish and not motivated at all.........................but that changed on Friday..................I am all inspired again!!! Our first project of the year was re purposing - it's amazing what we all came up with.  Let me show you
 Nancy's re purposed bird feeder below (very clever)

 Claire's cloche and beautiful swag from old post cards (love it!!)
 And the talented Nicky,
This baking tray was a favourite,
This was my small creation.  A candle holder made with re purposed kitchen spoons.
 But there is more, I was really spoilt this month as it is my birthday month.  I will start with Michelle's gifts to me (she is so, so clever!!) as she made me re purposed gifts (which I love).
This is going in my craft room - it has pockets for my scissors, tape etc.

This beautiful re purposed doily bunting,

And this very cute sprinkles container (sprinkles included) it has a very cute saying on..

and last but not least this cute bag with my name on it. Now the wonderful Nancy made me a re purposed bird feeder like her one.
Lorraine gave me some very cute kitchen labels,
The talented Claire gave me a very cool prim box, soap dish, soap and all wrapped in a fab fat 1/4.

Now the cheeky Nicky made a re purposed Christmas decoration (and I say cheeky because the ball part is from my house! Love it!!) The ball is sitting on an old bed spring and has a rusty bell.

 What an amazing day with some amazing friends, can't wait till next month.  I know this is abit photo heavy but I think it is worth it!!
Have a great day, Michelle


  1. Loved your Post Michelle always enjoy what you girls are up too. A big hug and many happies for your special day. Looks like you have lots of pressies to enjoy.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love all your gifts. Hope you have a Happy Birthday.

  3. What a wonderful day. All the creations are amazing and your gifts are beautiful, lots of lovely eye candy!