Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kindred Heart Christmas

On Monday our stitching group 'Kindred Heart Stitchers' got together at Nicky's house for our Christmas get together. Wow what a great day! Lots of laughs, fab food, great company, what more could you ask for??? Well............................... you could ask for a cookie exchange.

Take a look at these goodies - they are very, very yummy!!! Claire's mum also made us coconut ice and a jar of marmalade very yum.

Here is Nicky cooking lunch.  Also here are a few pic from Nicky's house, it has  beautiful hand made
goodies everywhere!!

We also made one ornament for the Christmas tree, I made for Nicky and forgot to take a photo and Claire made for me

It is very cool! Its very rustic and will find a home in my rustic room (Ben's room). What a great group we have, I look forward to this group meeting every month ! So many laughs and the inspiration we draw from each other is wonderful.  My wish is for everyone to have such a great group! Have a great day, Michelle. 


  1. Another nice tour of someone else's home!

  2. You ladies look like you have so much fun ........ I'm a little bit envious that not many of my nearby friends are in to crafty things!

  3. I'm also a little envious that none of my friends are into crafty things!! Your craft days always look so fun and your bikkie swap is a perfect idea and looks delicious.