Friday, 4 November 2011


For the past 10 days Taranaki has been hosting their annual Rhododendron /fringe garden festival.  It has been a mixed bag of wet and fine weather.  But on Wednesday, my Mum and friend Ruth headed to Waverley to see 'Hoops Haven'.  what a beautiful garden and really big.  Stephen and his wife Viv are very talented gardeners and crafts people.  The mosaics are done by Viv and all wooden creations are by Stephen.  This is now one of my favourites in Taranaki.

 These are some of my favourite photos.

 Love this 'Wally the weta'.

I know this is photo heavy (sorry) but I thought it was worth a look.
Have a great day Michelle.


  1. Thanks for sharing Michelle... I might try and sneak down and have a look on Sunday.

  2. Beautiful garden photos! Love the look of your new header photo too.

  3. What a beautiful place...such creativity. Thank you for the lovely tour Michelle.